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Floral Flavours from the Far East

Thai Midnight Tea: This caffeine-free and wonderfully calming tisane is citrusy fresh and subtly floral with a gorgeous colour to match.

Jasmine Green Tea: A wonderfully soothing tea blend of exquisite Chinese green tea leaves with delicate jasmine blossoms.

The box contains large jars of both Teas, along with complete brewing instructions and other fantastic ideas to get these wonderful floral Far East flavours in other culinary creations.

Cosmos/Benthos Magazine

Monsoon Coast is a key sponsor of this beautiful publication of West Coast stories and recipes supporting a collective of strong women in BC.

Feel the heat with a Subtle Floral Note

In Arabic, Harissa means “pound or made into a paste”, and it is perhaps the most important condiment in Tunisian Cooking. When the chile pepper was brought from the New World by European sailors to the Mediterranean, Tunisians improvised this method of creating a long-lasting hot condiment from it to use in their meals.

Add the Tangy Goodness of Sumac

Sumac is the ground spice of an edible round berry, popular in the Levant and Turkey. The crimson spice brings a pop of colour and a savoury lemony fruity note to many dishes. Levantine Arab cooks even use it in lieu of lemons when the latter is unavailable or out of season.

Keep your favourite spices within reach with a Masala Dabba.

What a Beaut! Stainless steel tray with 7 stainless steel spice bowls and spoon. A see-through lid keeps your favourite spices or spice blends handy, fresh and protected on your kitchen counter.


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