Zen Blossom Tea Box


This box, inspired by spring, hope and the comfort of floral aromatics, is the perfect gift for a fan of relaxing teas. Voyage to the breezy evenings of Thailand with our beautiful blue Midnight Thai Tea (70g), or the cool tea hills of rural China with our uplifting Jasmine Green Tea (70g).
Along with providing you with accurate brewing instructions, we wanted to celebrate the complexity and subtle allure of floral elements in these teas with other surprising recipes to captivate taste, smell and sight. We hope you enjoy playing around with the box recipes to infuse these wonderful Far East floral flavours into delightful culinary creations.

Jasmine Green Tea is caffeinated. Thai Midnight Tea is Caffeine-free.

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Thai Midnight Tea

Large - 70g

Jasmine Green Tea

Large - 70g
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