Frequently Asked Questions

Do your spices contain allergens?

Beginning in 2015, we added an allergen warning on all of our product labels as per CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) requirements.

Several of our blends contain mustard (which is an allergen) and any blend may contain mustard since we use the same spice grinder.

Our suppliers also handle peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, wheat and sesame in their facilities so cross-contamination is possible at their facilities.

Are your spices gluten-free?

None of our spice blends contain wheat products except for Delhi Chat Masala (contains asafoetida which contains wheat).

We do not use or process wheat products in our spice mill. However, our suppliers handle wheat products so cross contamination is possible at their facilities.

Are your spices sulfite-free?

Both Delhi Chat Masala and Goan Vindaloo contain amchoor (mango powder) which contains sulfites to prevent clumping. Blends with ginger may also contain sulfites.

Is there onion or garlic in any of your spices?


Is there any salt/sugar in your products?

All our blends are sugar-free.

All our blends are salt-free with the exception of Tunisian Harissa (contains sea salt) and Delhi Chat Masala (contains black Indian salt “kala namak”)

How long do your spices keep?

Most of our blends will be made within a few weeks from their selling date. All jars are stamped with a “freshest before” date which is normally two years. Note that spices don’t become dangerous or unsafe to consume after that date, however their colour and flavour would get dull. 

Why does the same blend taste different sometimes?

We strive to ensure consistency between batches of spices, but from time to time spices will vary with a new season. Mostly we notice variability in the heat level of chili.

Where do you source spices for your blends?
We start with high quality whole spices, which we then toast by hand, grind and blend. We always look for the highest quality and most fragrant spices for our blends. Almost all our spice ingredients are sourced from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Mexico. Some herbal and floral elements come from the Mediterranean basin like Spanish Saffron, Greek Oregano, and Turkish bay leaves. The only Chinese spice we use is Szechuan peppercorn, which is historically Chinese in origin.
Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Monsoon Coast is consistently looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and provide products that are packaged in the most environmentally friendly way.
Our glass bottles are reusable and we use no plastic for sealing or labels. We are currently looking at how we can provide refills for these bottles without using plastics. The glass jars and metal lid are recyclable in most community recycling programs.
Giftboxes are created using corrugated cardboard and are recyclable in your community recycling program.
Our bulk or 1 lb. paper bags contain a plastic liner. This means that it is not recyclable in most communities just yet. Due to food safety, we are required to have a liner within paper bags. Unfortunately, recycling and packaging technology has not yet come up with an industry-ready solution for use. We are keeping our eyes on new options and will make the switch as soon as a viable option comes available.
How should I store my spices?

Tightly covered in a cool, dry place out of direct light or heat.

Our glass jars and metal lids ensure tight coverage. Spices kept in bags or plastic containers will deteriorate faster.

Do you have a store?

We do not have a retail store. You can purchase our products on our online store here or at supporting stores you can find here.

How long will it take to receive my online order?

Due to heavy parcel volumes / COVID-19 safety measures, Canada Post is currently experiencing some delays.

We attempt to process (pack and send to the Post Office) online orders within 1-2 days. If issues arise with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible after placing the order. Once you have received a shipment notification you will receive your order depending on the shipping option you have selected. Your tracking number will be included in your shipment notification. If you have not received this please check your spam folder.

All orders are shipped through Canada Post.

Standard typically takes 2-6 days.

Standard typically takes 5-8 business days.

Expedited typically takes 2-4 business days.

All suggested times are estimates only and not guaranteed due to many external factors. Delivery time frames do not include weekends and holidays.

Unfortunately, tracking for Small Packet USA is not available.

Where do you ship?

Currently we ship in Canada and the US.

Who do you ship with?

We ship with Canada Post and USPS in the US.

Do I need to use a credit card to purchase from your online store?

No. You can also use e-transfers (in Canada). You can choose your payment method at check-out and we’ll give you clear instructions.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes. Gift Up provides our digital gift card services. You can enter the amount you wish (over $15) and then either enter an email address to send the gift card to or you may send it to yourself and forward it to whomever you wish.

Purchase gift cards here.

Physical gift card will be available at a future date.

How do I use my gift card?

Need to check your balance?

Select "Check your gift card balance" on this page.

Using your gift card

  1. Shop and add items to the cart as your normally would
  2. Either on the cart page or the checkout page, there is an "Apply gift card" link near the total amount. Click this and enter your code from the gift card.
  3. Continue the check out process.

If you have any difficulties, please email us and we can assist you.

Your site is slow / I can't complete my order.

Our website is designed to showcase our spices with large high-resolution images so you can see how great our product is. This can mean that slow internet speeds may make things a little difficult on load times.

We have a few recommendations for anyone having trouble with our website:

  1. We recommend either Chrome or Safari to ensure that the site is loaded as efficiently as possible.
  2. Please make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version.
  3. Confirm that your internet service is loading other sites at an acceptable speed.
  4. Give us a call. We would be happy to help you place your order over the phone.

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will happily assist you

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