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Monsoon Coast is proud to release this set of spices which encompasses the flavours that our customers, and we, have come to love in over 20 years of spice blending tradition. We have chosen with care this great sampler of our spice blends spanning India, the Levant and Morocco. Treat yourself or someone you love to this beautiful gift set, which is also a great introduction to our fresh small-batch hand-blended spices.

This 9-piece box contains Monsoon Balti, Monsoon Tandoori, Moghul Curry, Bengali Panch Phoron, Kerala Chaunk, Arabian Baharat, Ras el Hanout plus high-quality pure Indian ground turmeric and Sumac. They are packed in reusable tins with screw-top transparent lids; pretty enough to leave out on your kitchen countertop!

Each tin contains 50g of spice (same size as small glass jars).

You will also receive our favourite & easy recipes for the spices included. These recipes have been popular in our kitchens and gatherings, as well when we sample them at markets and foodie events.


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