Monsoon Coast Curried Spread

Delicious versatile spread to serve with raw vegetables, crackers, or use in sandwiches/wraps.

This recipe works well really with any Monsoon Coast spice blend. We love Moghul Curry, Monsoon Balti, Arabian Baharat or Tobago Habanero Curry for a hot version.


1/3 cup raw peeled almonds

1/3 cup raw sesame seeds

1 can chickpeas, drained and washed

small bunch fresh Cilantro, roughly chopped

4-5 TBL fresh lemon or lime juice

2 cloves garlic (to taste)

5-6 TBL Olive oil

1/2 tsp salt or to taste

1-3 tsp your favourite Monsoon Coast spice



Gently roast almond and sesame over a medium heat until golden brown. Cool.


Toss the roasted nuts into a food processor and process until fine.


Add rest of ingredients in and process until smooth. You will have to take breaks and use a spatula to bring the remains down from the sides. Add water or more oil if it is too thick.


Can be refrigerated for a few days.