Jamaican Jerk Rub



From the great Caribbean cuisine, our Jamaican Jerk Rub carries within all the classic island flavours respecting tradition. Allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cayenne and the fiery Habanero chile deliver you a zesty spicy blend with two waves of heat: one immediate, and the second lingers at the back of the tongue and tantalizes.

Traditionally, Jerk rub and cooking in the Caribbean was devised especially for tough meat preparations such as goat, wild boar, or game. The spices in the rub, combined with acid and sometimes local tropical fruit juices containing enzymes, would work in tandem to tenderize these tough proteins, as well as preserve them better in the tropical heat.

Use our Jamaican Jerk Rub as is for an easy and zingy BBQ rub. You can also make a Monsoon Coast Jerk marinade by combining ½ cup of dry white wine and the juice of 1 lemon/lime. Add 3-5 tsp. of Jamaican Jerk Rub and salt to taste. You can also add 1-2 tsp. of brown or cane sugar for better caramelization, and to balance the heat. Use this jerk marinade with chicken, tofu, pork or vegetables. Grilling, smoking or roasting will give the most delicious jerk results.

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