Thai Midnight Tea


This caffeine-free and wonderfully calming tisane is citrusy fresh and subtly floral with a gorgeous colour to match. Enjoy the marriage of 9 exquisite Thai-inspired ingredients including lemongrass, Thai lime leaves, orange peel, ginger and mint. Bask in the calmness induced by chamomile and butterfly pea flowers, making our Thai Midnight Tea a perfect companion to your bedtime ritual. It is no chance that 9 is an auspicious number in Thailand; our 9 ingredients meld together harmoniously into a beautiful flavour, balanced with uplifting calmness.

To brew 1 cup: add 1-2 rounded tsp. of Thai Midnight Tea in 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for at least 5 minutes (or longer for stronger flavour and colour). Strain and sweeten to taste with honey. A squeeze of lemon will change the colour delightfully from blue to purple. Sit back, sip and relax.

Delicious Hot or Iced. Caffeine-free.

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