Moroccan La Kama



A delicious spice blend from Tangier in the very north of Morocco, and less than 50 kilometers away from Spain across the water. The cuisine and spicing in Tangier are unique. Like Moroccan cuisine in general, it has had influences of Arab, Berber, African, Spanish and French cultures due to geographic and historic connections. In Tangier, such cultural diversity and harmony has created delicious culinary concoctions, such as La Kama spice blend.

Although underrated and less known than the Moroccan king spice Ras el Hanout, Moroccan La Kama is deliciously fragrant and sweet with mellow peppery notes. It is a great blend for all kinds of tajines and Moroccan stews, and the colour it brings to a dish delights the eye as well as the taste buds. Moroccan La Kama is warming, rather than hot, and its aromas pair beautifully with sweet root vegetables like yams, carrots or parsnips. La Kama is also amazing in lamb dishes.

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