Midnight Violet Lemonade

4 Servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes

A great twist on the classic lemonade to please adults and kids with its alluring colour.

Here are two ways to achieve this great lemonade using our Midnight Blue Syrup or Midnight Blue Ice Cubes.

SPICE SCIENCE: The blue butterfly pea flower infusion changes colour with pH changes, e.g. by adding lemon juice, turning more and more purple as acidity increases.


1 cup lemon juice (8-9 lemons)

4 cups water



Method #1: Mix lemon juice, Midnight Blue Syrup and water together and stir well. Refrigerate until cool. (it will be violet). Serve over ice and slices of lemon.


Method #2: Substitute Midnight Blue syrup with regular syrup, but make Midnight Blue ice cubes to use instead of regular ice. As the blue ice melts, it will change colour, but it will be less intense than the colour in the first method.