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Zaatar is the name in Arabic of both the hardy herb that grows ubiquitously in the levant, and the aromatic culinary blend containing it after drying. The Zaatar herb is also called Syrian Oregano, and is closer in character and flavour to Mexican oregano rather than common Greek Oregano.

As for the blend, there are as many variations of it across the levant as there are cooks, and many matriarchs still make their own blend and distribute it to family households. Ours is imported directly from Jordan, and hence contains only four ingredients that Jordanian puritans look for: dried rubbed zaatar, sumac, salt and sesame. Nothing more and nothing less is accepted in Jordan. With more herb than anything else, Jordanian zaatar has a clean herbaceous taste and olive green profile. For comparison, Palestinian zaatars tend to contain spices like cumin or coriander. Syrian Zaatar on the other hand favours more sumac while blending, resulting in more tangy blend with burgundy tones.

Dip crusty bread in good olive oil then Zaatar pre-meals with a drink. Or use liberally in Levantine dishes and pastries. Zaatar also makes a delicious crust for cauliflower, chicken, fish or lamb.

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