Persian Advieh



From the great Persian cuisine, Advieh has an ancient spice story. The word means “spices” in Farsi, and its Arabic root “Adwiyeh”, means “medicine”. This symbolizes the Persian and Arabian perspectives on spice as both food and medicine, which science has come to corroborate in modern times.

There are as many versions of Advieh in Persian kitchens as there are of Garam Masala in Indian ones. They range from the bold and hearty, to the fragrant and delicate. One can find Advieh rubbed on succulent kebabs, simmering in hearty stews, or seasoning pillowy jeweled rice.

Bring the warm embrace of Persian cuisine to your kitchen with the aromas of sweet cardamom, woody cinnamon, and fragrant rose petal. There is not a wrong way to enjoy this light and warming aromatic blend of heritage.

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