Ethiopian Berbere



Doro Wat, a spicy rusty-red chicken stew flavoured with Berbere, is one of the national dishes of Ethiopia today. It is traditionally served on a giant flat bread or injera, from which pieces are ripped to scoop up the chicken and sauce. Other meat, beans or pulses can be substituted for chicken with equally delicious results.

Our Ethiopian Berbere is a blend of 9 selected spices, including roasted fenugreek, peppercorn and ajwain (or Indian thyme). This African-Indian spice synergy cushions the fiery taste of chiles so necessary in Ethiopian cuisine. Historically it’s possible the ancient empires and kingdoms of Ethiopia and Nubia traded goods (including spices) with their equivalents in the Indian and Arabian Peninsula, and that’s what could have sparked the concoction of spice blends like Berbere.

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