Goan Vindaloo



Let’s talk delicious heat! Goa, the west Indian tropical state, once a Portuguese colony, has a cuisine reflecting both traditions. Vindaloos, from the Portuguese words for wine (“vin”) and garlic (“aloo”), are hot & sour curries which use wine vinegar as the souring agent. For many the world over, they are the pinnacle of Indian Tropical cooking. Our Vindaloo spice has loads of heat from two different chilies, but is smoothed and enhanced by 11 other spices to provide a great fiery base for memorable culinary creations. It’s one of our chef’s favourites!

The story goes that Vindaloo evolved from a Portuguese dish of meat marinated in wine and garlic. Portuguese ships in the Old World seas would carry wooden barrels, with layers of pork and garlic soaked in wine to preserve on their long journeys and feed their sailors. Once in Goa, they brought the dish to the local cooks who adopted it. They substituted the European sour ingredient (wine) with local palm vinegar, and also enhanced the dish with Indian spices, including the New World’s exciting fiery fruit: the chile pepper.

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