Monsoon Coast

Vindaloo Pickled Beans

A great unique spicy pickle recipe to take advantage of the bounty of fresh green beans in the summer at Salt Spring Island. They are great on a charcuterie board or with a fine Caesar.


2 LB green beans, cleaned

3 cups water

2 cups white vinegar

¼ cup sea salt

8-12 garlic cloves, peeled

Small Bunch of fresh dill

2 tsp Goan Vindaloo

Spices Used: Goan Vindaloo

1 – Place beans in an ice bath until ready to pack jars.
2 – Sterilize 4 pint jars and lids as per manufacturer’s directions. Keep hot water pot to seal jars after packing.
3 – Put water, vinegar and salt in a pot. Bring to a simmer.
4 – Put 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, 2 or 3 sprigs of dill and ½ tsp (or more) of Goan Vindaloo in the bottom of the sterilized jar. Pack jar with beans and fill with brine to within ½” of top.
5 – Process for 10 minutes in a simmering water pot to seal.
6 – Remove from pot, cool on rack.
7 – Store in a cool location for a few weeks before eating.
8 – Refrigerate after opening.
9 – Makes 4 pint jars.