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Pork Vindaloo

Because Goa is predominately Catholic, it is the only part of India where pork is eaten and Pork Vindaloo has become the regional specialty.

 1 onion chopped
 1 bulb garlic, peeled
 1 inch of ginger peeled and minced
 3-5 tsp Goan Vindaloo (or more for a real heat fix)
 1 tbsp tomato paste
 1 tbsp brown sugar
 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
 6 tbsp oil
 2 lb. lean pork cubed
 salt to taste

Combine all the ingredients except the oil, vinegar and pork in a food processor and blend until smooth. Adding a little of the vinegar if needed to create a paste. Pour the paste over the meat and rub it in until all pieces are thoroughly covered. Cover and marinate overnight in fridge.

Heat the oil and sear the meat over a medium high heat until evenly browned. Add the rest of the vinegar and continue cooking for 5 minutes on the higher heat, stirring in any of the remaining marinade paste.

Reduce heat, cover and simmer gently for about an hour or longer until the meat is tender. Add a small amount of water if necessary to keep from sticking. Add salt to taste.

Serve on a bed of basmati rice with a side dish of mildly seasoned vegetables.

Serves 4-6