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About Us

We are a small company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. We started over 20 years ago with a vision to make traditional Indian spice mixtures accessible to the western palate. Since then we have followed our taste buds to other parts of the planet. Our fans rave about the ability of our mixtures to transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation.

When I'm not busy in the spice room, you can find me at the Salt Spring Saturday Market (April to October) or enjoying the great vibe on Salt Spring Island.

About Our Products:

You will find an "Ingredient Image" on each product page. Note that we DO NOT use onion or garlic in any of our blends. Tunisian Harissa contains sea salt and Delhi Chat Masala contains black salt and asafoetida (which contains wheat). Both Delhi Chat Masala and Goan Vindaloo contain amchoor (mango powder) which contains sulfites .

Beginning in May 2015 we added an allergen label on all of our products as per CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) requirements. Many of our blends contain mustard (which is an allergen) and any blend may contain mustard since it goes through our grinder; blends with ginger may also contain sulfites. Our suppliers also handle peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, wheat and sesame in their facilities so this warning has also been added to our labels.

As of November 2015 we have added a date stamp on the back panel of our jars. This is the "Freshest Before" date which is two years after the date the blend was made. It will help you remember when to replace your spices for optimal freshness! Our new labels actually say Freshest Before/Meilleur Avant above the date; on older labels the date is stamped below the UPC scan code.

If you have additional questions about our products, or would like more information before placing your order give me a quick call or get in touch via our Contact Us page. I am happy to answer your questions.

MONSOON COAST® Exotic World Spices
#9-315 Upper Ganges Rd
Salt Spring Island, BC CANADA
V8K 2X4
Phone: 604-773-8269 
Email: shadel @
Here are a few references from foodies around BC:
“She roasts, grinds and blends in small batches so that when you crack open a jar, you can smell the freshness, which makes a big difference when you are adding it to your recipes.”
Don Genova,
Food Artisans of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

April 2014

“I can’t rave enough about how much I love Monsoon Coast spices. Who raves over a spice blend? Trust me you will.”
Kaylie M. North Vancouver
April 2013

“Doug Hall . . . the Island’s self-described Masala Wallah . . . (is) one of the owners of Monsoon Coast Spices. (He) sets about introducing visitors (to the Salt Spring Saturday Market) to his unique spice blends while doling out a stew flavoured with Moroccan La Kama spice or cups of Railway Chai.” 
Sunset Magazine
July 2004

“Hall’s spices are incredibly flavourful, complex and fresh tasting, but not over the top. He is gifted with a taste for layering flavours.” 
An Edible Journey
Elizabeth Levinson 2003

“The secret is to find a superb curry powder . . . my favourite is Monsoon Coast
TV Times Curry Sauce Recipe
Caren McSherrry, Gourmet Warehouse
April 2003

Monsoon Coast Moghul Curry Powder - Top 100 BC Products
"A young British Columbian goes to India in the 1970's in search of enlightenment and returns to the Gulf Islands, older, wiser, and in possession of a rage-n' recipe for curry. Now that original product has morphed into an entire line of worldy spices and condiments, all made in B.C. but carefully researched from the four corners of the planet. Get on the internet and try their recipe for Curried Cashew Spread or Coconut Cauliflower Soup. Our request? A cookbook, please.”
City Food Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue
10 Years of the Best of British Columbia

Summer 2002

“The fresh spices are selected, roasted and ground by hand and their aromas alone transport one to the spice markets of Madagascar, Morocco and India.”
Eat Magazine
Nov/Dec 2001

“Salt Spring Island’s Monsoon Coast are now creating a range of quality spice blends - and recipes - specifically designed to create unique and more authentic curries and other Indian style foods.”
Times Colonist - Eric Akis
Curry Creations Feb. 24, 1999

“. . . the aromas of exotic spices wafting from his stand grabbed you and pulled you his way . . . it was impossible to resist.”
Times Colonist
Life Section - Salt Spring Island July 29, 2001

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